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Here at Word Witchery we offer a manuscript assessment service for writers seeking feedback and guidance on their road to publication whether that be through traditional, digital or Indie pathways. We believe every manuscript can shine and that we have a unique insight into what makes a story that sells.

We are two professional authors - Anna Cleary and Amy Andrews - with over 50 titles, 2 millions sales and fifteen years industry experience between us. As such we are in a position to offer current, relevant, industry-specific assessment tailored to your particular work.

At Word Witchery, we are specialists in category romance but we are well versed and passionate about all forms of romantic fiction - single title, novella, contemporary, historical, regency, fantasy, sci-fi, women's fiction, romantic elements, young adult, new adult, erotica, steampunk, chick lit. Similarly, we have a working knowledge of other genres and are open to manuscripts from any genre.

Our aim is to assist you in making your work sparkle and taking your finished manuscript to the next level.

Our latest happy customers...

Over the last few years, I've had a number of novels published by digital publishers. And during that time, I saw many of my fellow authors advance rapidly in their writing careers-winning awards, landing big print contracts, and selling well. As much as I tried to hone my craft and write books I thought were great, I couldn't rise above the e-book swell. I continued to get rejections from agents and print publishing houses.
With my latest novel, I wasn't willing to let it sink like the others, so I sent it through to Anna Cleary for appraisal. Even though I had used a beta reader in the past, I was at the stage where I needed the expertise and honesty of a very experienced author. To give my book the best possible chance of succeeding, I had her look at all aspects of the story, and she offered advice on characterisation, conflict, deepening the POV, imagery and much more.
I followed all her advice and painstakingly edited my story, then sent it to three Australian agents. Within a fortnight, I had two offers of representation. I am now contracted to a wonderful, experienced agent who will hopefully find me a fabulous contract with a big publisher. Without Anna, I truly believe this would not have happened. Thank you! You help dreams come true.
Thank you again!

    Jacquie Underdown

As a complete novice, I was unsure how to proceed with my first finished manuscript - I knew it needed (a lot of!) work, and I am beyond grateful for the assistance Amy has given me with it. Her knowledge and experience as an author are invaluable, and her practical and insightful assessment has ensured my confidence in moving forward with editing. Amy's direction and encouragement were just what I needed to continue on this writing journey. Plus, she was much quicker with turnaround than I expected!

    Jacqui Harley