Appreciative words from our happy customers...

"Word Witchery were immeasurably helpful in pointing out the flaws in my manuscript, as well as the places where my writing worked well. It all seemed so clear after a manuscript assessment, but I never would have figured a way through my plot issues and story weakness without Word Witchery."

    Jana Horarik

"You know when your story still needs work after all the edits and the beta readers but you can't quite grasp where, and you can't for the life of you figure out what to do next?

You call on Word Witchery.

I got exactly what I needed: constructive criticism and suggestions to improve the manuscript in a wonderfully supportive, no-nonsense assessment. I am a happy customer!

I know there's lots of work to do, but I am much happier now that the murky, un-worky bits of this story have been identified and I've been given solid advice on how to put them right. The assessment has brought the story so much closer to its full potential, and I can be excited about it once again.

Amy Andrews - your Word Witchery has cast its spell… I'll be back."

    Darry Fraser

"It was getting harder and harder for me to stay on top of my 90,000 word manuscript so I approached Amy at Word Witchery for an assessment.

I kept thinking, 'I wish someone could do an aerial flyover of my manuscript and tell me what works and what doesn't.'

Amy did that for me, and I received an amazingly objective and comprehensive report encompassing plot, sub-plot, dialogue, character and setting.

I'm now thinking about my story and characters in a new light, and with a fresh view on how to go about making my work the best that it can be. Thanks so much for your help, Amy."

    Alexandra Grace

After receiving a rejection from a publisher my confidence was low and I wanted to get an unbiased opinion of my manuscript. I had heard wonderful things about Word Witchery so engaged Amy Andrews to do a manuscript assessment for me. Fresh from her Mediterranean travels Amy jumped into my manuscript and within 48 hours I had a response that every author loves to hear - "There is very little I can add to a book that is warm and lovely and utterly engaging as well as exceptionally well written. I would feel guilty taking your money on a one page assessment that will say - good, good, good now submit the thing already."
True to her word, Amy and Word Witchery refunded my money even though she did provide that one page assessment with a few fantastic ideas that I have taken on board and included in my latest edit. I will most definitely be engaging Word Witchery again. Thanks Amy.

    Cheryl Adnams

Word Witchery/ Amy Andrews provided me with a generous and detailed assessment of my manuscript Alpine Kisses, a finalist in the 2016 RWA Emerald Award. She covered everything from grammar and style to setting and plot but was particularly helpful in her assessment of my characters. Amy's comments helped me tweak little things that gave me more confidence when submitting my story in the competition. Her comments on the hero and heroine and their developing love story also helped me add the extra emotional depth and punch I needed to make my early readers and judges fall in love with Hailey and Matt as much as they fell in love with each other.

    Laura Boon, Emerald Finalist